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F.I.T. Tips: How To NOT F**K Up Your Clam Shells

With Gavin Buehler

The clam shell exercise is a commonly prescribed exercise for any hip rehabilitation program or hip discomfort case. It is a fantastic exercise if performed properly, however it is an easy exercise to get lazy with and perform incorrectly stealing away its benefits. This month’s F.I.T. Tip video will provide a thorough tutorial for this exercise as well as progressing into the side plank variation.

Once you have the proper technique for the clam shell, and a solid side plank, the side plank clam shell is one of my favorite preparation movements to hit a lot of stabilizer muscles while having them work collectively for optimal performance. This video includes a couple of variations to maximize this position.

Clam Shell – 0:38

Side Plank Clam Shell – 2:50

Side Plank Clam Shell Variation – 4:28

Recommended Protocols:

1-3 sets, 3-6 repetitions, 5-10 sec. holds/rep.

As always, these videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only. Please consult a health professional before attempting new exercises or protocols, as the following suggestions may or may not be appropriate for you.


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