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F.I.T. Tips: Easy Strength Exercise Challenge!

With Gavin Buehler

Moving forward with the promotion of physical activity and movement from our previous two articles, this month we adding to your tool kit with a couple of strength exercises that can be done with no equipment anywhere.

The challenge for this month will be to complete these two exercises a 90/90 Split Squat and Plank Walkout in sequence for 2-3 rounds 2x/wk. for one month. Each round consists of 12 reps/side with 5 sec. negatives for the split squat and 3 reps of 10 sec. holds for the plank walkouts. This workout can be done in 5-10 minutes making it a very doable habit to incorporate throughout your week. You can even stack this with last months movement flow if you’re feeling really motivated!

I’ve provided individual tutorial videos for each movement that gives you more details and regressions on how to perform each movement below, as well as a full follow along video that takes you through a full round at the appropriate tempos.

90/90 Split Squat

Walkout Plank

All it takes to commit is 2 times a week for one month. So, follow along with the video and enjoy!

Share this and get your friends and family involved so that you can encourage one another and talk about the changes that you start to feel.

Happy health and move with purpose! If you liked this article, please share it with a friend. Enjoy! As always, these videos are for educational purposes only. Please consult a health professional before attempting new exercises or protocols, as the following suggestions may or may not be appropriate for you.


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