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Massage Therapy For Injury Prevention & Optimal Performance

By Gavin Buehler

Massage Therapy is viewed by many as a service primarily used for relaxation. However, it is also an effective treatment method or complimentary modality for a multitude of other conditions. So, how can massage therapy benefit you?

Massage Therapy is a Registered Healthcare Practice in Ontario which means that many benefits programs provide coverage, and more importantly your RMT has been well educated to provide you with information regarding your health, that may otherwise be overlooked.

A thorough assessment is the keystone in the creation of a health program or treatment plan but is often disregarded. Assessments reveal important factors about your physical structure and provide a baseline of your overall health status allowing for the safest, most efficient and specific programming for your needs. An assessment performed by an RMT can help distinguish the source of the pain that you may be feeling instead of just addressing the symptoms. For example, many chronic knee pain conditions or injuries actually occur due to poor stability and/or lack of mobility in the hips. Sometimes pain in the elbow or hand is the result of an asymptomatic issue in the shoulder. Lower back pain is often the result of weakness or restrictions elsewhere in the body causing the lower back to feel the burden.

Beyond determining the possible source of pain or injury, a proper assessment can help with preventing such things. Through skilled palpation and various orthopedic tests, an RMT can recognize a body’s loading patterns, structural imbalances, circulatory disturbances and more to provide you with preventative solutions to reduce the risk of injury.

In today’s Western world, the majority of people spend their days sitting in poor postural positions. The repetition creates structural imbalances that most are unaware of due to the slow change over time. Many people would still like to be active and will participate in physical recreational activities. Going from sedentary back to your youthful glory days with the imbalances that have been created from your daily living habits is a recipe for disaster. Being aware of your weaknesses and strengths and learning how to fix them can save you from a lot of pain and possibly time off work.

In order for an athlete to perform optimally, everything has to be in check. You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Many athletes develop imbalances due to one side dominant sports or repetitive movements. This can lead to restrictions in some areas stunting performance, or overloading other tissues that might lead to serious injury. Knowing where your risks lie and how to create a more balanced structure to perform at your absolute best is what separates the best from the average.

Massage Therapy can be an effective approach to avoiding pain or injury as well as performing at your best. Ask us how we can help you “Move With Purpose!” Contact us today.


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