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F.I.T. Tips: Easy Stretches For Everyone

With Gavin Buehler

As always, the video below is for educational purposes only. Please consult a health professional before attempting new exercises or protocols, as the following suggestions may or may not be appropriate for you.

Building on the article above, for this month's FIT Tip I wanted to share a handful of some of my favorite stretches that would be easy enough for anyone to perform anywhere without any equipment. These 5 stretches are an excellent gateway routine to get into a good habit with stretching.

In the video below I will walk you through each stretch offering my cues to maximize the effectiveness of each position. I have noted the times in the video that each stretch starts for easy navigation. Feel free to follow along!

  1. 90/90 Glute Stretch - 0:44 sec.

  2. Straddle Stretch - 4:40 min.

  3. Side-Lying Quad Stretch - 7:50 min.

  4. Seated Shoulder Extension Stretch - 9:58 min.

  5. Half-Kneeling Lateral Line (Banana) Stretch - 12:52 min.


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